16 Tech Gadgets I Keep in (or on) My Desk at All Times

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Photo: David Murphy

A geek’s desk might not be as scintillating as a spice rack, but I’m proud of all the tech gear I’ve acquired over the years. While your setup is undoubtedly different than mine, there are a few “universal” items that I think are worth always having within arm’s reach. This isn’t an exhaustive list—I just recently moved and will soon be moving again, so some of my gear is still packed away in boxes—but it’s a start.

Before we begin, a word about how I’ve assembled the list: I’ll include the specific products I use whenever applicable. You can buy them. You can buy something completely different. You can buy nothing. It doesn’t matter to me. This should be considered inspirational, if anything, and not a call-to-action to fill up your Amazon shopping list.

Also, I want to hear about your must-have tech gear, as I’m always on the lookout for new items to acquire during my next round of pandemic-induced anxiety shopping. What fun! And, yes, this slideshow uses dark mode, because that’s what I love. Dark mode, I mean. Not slideshows.