‘Destiny 2’ Reset Update: EAZ Solstice, DBZ Emotes And Ghost Spies – Forbes

Well, it took a hell of a long time, but we finally have a week where something new is happening in Destiny 2, as we hit another mark on the now extended roadmap.

This week’s reset brings with it the launch of Solstice of Heroes, the annual summer event reflecting on the past year. From what we can tell so far in these early moments, the event is a pretty close mirror to last year’s event, with the return of the EAZ and its boss/chest spawns for our farming pleasure.

We are continuing the Solstice tradition of upgrading an armor set several times into a refined version, but Bungie has promised us this time that it will not be rendered useless in a month like the last two years, because no major armor changes are coming, and the sets won’t be sunset for a year.

While I love the EAZ and its verticality, as I think it’s one of the most creatively designed mini-encounters in Destiny, I am never all that thrilled about the eternal grind of the armor sets. I have written down all the requirements here, but while some you may just do “naturally” over the course of the next month, others, like five adventures or 10 Gambit games, are probably going to need to be farmed specifically. And the entire process is going to take a very, very long time.

One of the most controversial steps is the final upgrade that requires 7 total Trials wins, something that many PvE only players simply feel is impossible. I think it should be more doable than a normal period of Trials because in theory, you should have other Trials noobs attempting the same thing in a given weekend, so you might at least have a chance at matching with a reasonable team you can beat. This will be a long process through all these steps, however, outside of the no-lifers that get it all done this first week (I mean, don’t judge me if I do).

Eververse has some new items this week including this truly amazing DBZ emote that is an insta-buy. Some are complaining about the $15 or 6,000 bright dust cost of the ornamental Solstice armor with the elemental glows, and I’ll probably get more into that later.

Elsewhere, we still have our weekly ritual of the Inference quest where I see if the tree has changed (tree watch: no significant changes) and get some new lore from Eris.

This week, the word is Conviction. A lot of interesting things in this lore entry. First, Eris thinks that a Ghost she saw flittering around was spying on her, because Ghosts are normally scared to get too close to the pyramids because they risk being possessed by them (which we’ve seen). A spy for who? The Darkness? Or someone in the Tower?

I think she believes the Vanguard might be spying on her, concerned about her contact with the Darkness. An interesting line from the lore:

“The enemy warns me of great atrocities couched in valor, violence born from supreme conviction. This message is an extension of the “camouflage” logograph. A warning against my own comrades.”

To me, this has echoes of “what if we’re the baddies?” as in, all our great victories are war crimes to others, ie. decimating the entire Fallen race, for the most part, and our Savior, the Traveler, is a villain to someone else (Eramis).

Eris talks a lot about Zavala specifically, wondering if he would kill her if he believed she had gone over to the dark side. She says yes, but he’d feel bad about it. Another line about Zavala:

“But he is not swayed by the hot-blooded elite. He fears victory disease. What will happen when our mighty newborn Guardians, accustomed to swift victory, meet a grinding, tedious foe?”

This is, in theory, the Darkness, our new threat that we are not going to simply banish in Beyond Light. Or anywhere close to Beyond Light, given that a Pyramid is the symbol for Lightfall, two expansions from now. Although I would kind of consider the endlessly respawning waves of Vex, Cabal, Taken, Hive and Fallen “tedious, grinding foes” considering we never really beat any of them fully, just individual leaders who rise and fall.

Four more weeks of lore entries, which would have been when the season ended, but now that’s shifted, so who knows what happens with this quest and this storyline after that.

Alright, I have some buildings to jump around on.

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