Former Apple designer BJ Siegels tiny home design Alchemy Architects – Business Insider – Business Insider

  • BJ Siegel, a former Apple Design Director, collaborated on the design of his Sonoma home.
  • The weeHouse is larger than a tiny home but is prefabricated and modular the way many tiny homes are. 
  • The home was completed in 2016 for a total of $600,000.
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Apple is known for its thoughtful designs and its attention to detail in its iPhones, laptops, and AirPods.

A California home design from Alchemy Architects gives a look at what the Apple design aesthetic might look like applied to a house. 

BJ Siegel was a senior design director of real estate and development at Apple for 10 years, according to his LinkedIn profile.  In 2016, the designer collaborated with Alchemy Architects to create a customized version of their weeHouse design.

Siegel’s house isn’t quite a tiny house; it’s two structures that combine to be nearly 1,000 square feet, although it is modular and assembled off-site, as many tiny homes are. The sleek, minimalist design has some qualities in common with Apple products, in neutral colors and high-end finishes. Take a look at the house here.