PlayStation Comments on Ghost of Tsushima Multiplayer Possibility –

Ghost of Tsushima hit PS4 last month as the latest single-player, narrative-driven game from PlayStation. And like many of the first-party PS4 exclusives before it, it’s quite good. Further, it’s selling quite well, which seemingly ensures that there will be a sequel at some point on the PS5. That said, if Sucker Punch does make a sequel, should it look to evolve the formula and offering by adding multiplayer?

Many hardcore PlayStation fans would say no, but the current market suggests it may be a shrewd addition. Ghost of Tsushima is a very solid game, but once you beat it, you’re done. It doesn’t offer a ton of replayability. A lack of multiplayer also cripples its long-term sales.

There are many incentives involving multiplayer. Yet, it doesn’t seem like it’s something Sucker Punch is very interested in, or at least it wasn’t with the first game.

Speaking to Venture Beat, game director at Sucker Punch, Nate Fox, confirmed the team was focused on delivering a single-player experience when asked about multiplayer. However, Fox does leave the door open for multiplayer to be added in the future, whether via an update or a sequel.

“We were always very focused on telling this one story of Jin’s transformation,” said Fox when asked about whether or not the team ever considered adding multiplayer to the game. “It’s inherently a single-player experience. But who knows what the future holds?”

Fox also addressed whether or not the team experimented with adding mythical or supernatural content to the game. According to Fox, the focus was always to make a grounded game.

“We wanted to make this game grounded,” said Fox. “Most of these classic films–Throne of Blood has witches in it. But they generally don’t feature the supernatural stuff. A lot of games do feature those supernatural elements. We thought this was a great way to go after the source material we admire, and also just be different.”

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