Why Isnt Fall Guys On Xbox One? – Forbes

It’s question that gets spammed in chat, on social media, pretty much any time Fall Guys pops up. With the game a massive hit on PC and PS4, why isn’t Fall Guys on Xbox One yet? When is it coming?

I tried to see if there was an actual answer here, but every article I found was more or less “we don’t know!” but there is a likely answer after all, I believe.

First, Fall Guys has heard everyone’s feedback. They understand that people want to see the game on Xbox One, and this is their response to that:

This was a month ago but “no plans” doesn’t sound super promising, even if they claim to want to be on the platform. It’s not like it would take some massive amount of technical work to make an Xbox version of the game compared to a PS4 version, but they’re not confirming they’re doing that yet.


The reason is almost certainly their PS Plus deal with Sony this month.

While yes, it’s true that Fall Guys being free on PS Plus still would have been a better deal than say, being $20 on Xbox at launch this month, it stands to reason that one of the stipulations for snagging one of the hugely coveted PS Plus game features (especially for a smaller game) was that no, the game could not appear on Xbox. Maybe just for this first month, maybe for longer, it’s hard to tell. Though yes, Fall Guys was announced as a “console exclusive” for PS4 way back when. Those deals are usually timed.

The Fall Guys team commented on a PS4 reddit AMA just how important the PS Plus feature was to them, and why they pursued it so hard:

“Sony was really enthusiastic about the game when we showed them an early version of it, and we felt that taking this route would help expose the game to a far larger audience than we could have reached on our own. Also, it’s something that worked super well for Rocket League which has been one of our inspirations.”

The Rocket League comparison is dead on, as entire gaming empires like that series have been formed out of a PS Plus feature, and that’s what Fall Guys was trying to do with their own feature. And they have clearly succeeded. So yes, even if it was part of the deal that the game couldn’t appear on Xbox One during the PS Plus feature (or longer) it was almost certainly worth that cost with how much the game has blown up. Partly because of Twitch and every streamer you’ve ever heard of playing it, partly because of the PS Plus showcase.

Eventually Rocket League made it to Xbox One, and we can look at that game to guess how long it might take Fall Guys to do the same.

Rocket League was released on PS4 and PC in July 2015. It came to Xbox One February 2016. So that’s seven months later. Again, it’s not clear if that was a “mandatory” waiting period for the port at the cost of a PS Plus feature, or if it’s just how long it took for the developer to get around to it. But my guess is no, Fall Guys may not be coming to Xbox One (or Switch, for that matter) for a while. But keep asking, I suppose.

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