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Screenshot: Motorola | YouTube

Motorola hasn’t officially announced the successor to its rebooted Razr, but thanks to a few new leaks, we purportedly have our first 360-degree look at its next attempt at a foldable phone.

On Saturday, noted leaker Evan Blass tweeted a gif (shared below) showing a phone that looks very similar to last year’s Razr. In recent weeks, Blass has shared several static renders of the device as well as a logo that appears to confirm it’ll be called the Motorola Razr 5G, as many had already speculated.

The Razr 5G looks largely unchanged in terms of form factor, still relying on the same hinge mechanism that, hopefully, won’t be as stiff and creaky this time around. Motorola appears to have shrunk and smoothed out the notches at both ends of the handheld and ditched the fingerprint sensor completely to streamline the look. Its screen looks bigger too, which would fall in line with what we’ve heard so far. Last month, industry insider Ross Young tweeted that Motorola is bumping up the screen size for its next Razr (from 6.2 inches to 6.7 inches) in order to match Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip.

The most significant design change is its camera if one previous render is to be believed. The camera is already raised on the current Razr, but this one’s camera bump juts out noticeably further, especially as seen from the side, mirroring an aspect of Motorola’s original flip phone that maybe could have stayed in the 2000s.

Blass also noted this week that the Razr 5G might be available on AT&T, which would certainly be a pivot since the original Razr reboot was a Verizon exclusive. As for specs, a source who spoke with XDA Developers previously leaked that the new Razr will upgrade to a Qualcomm Snapdragon 765 processor, 8GB of RAM, 256GB of storage, a 48-MP main camera, and a bigger 2,845 mAh battery. With a Snapdragon 765 chip and a name like the “Razr 5G,” one can safely assume it’s going to support 5G, but there’s no word yet on whether that’ll only be sub-6Ghz 5G or the mmWave 5G available through Verizon’s network.

There’s been zilch on a price point as well, which could be a huge decider for many phone buyers given the lukewarm public reception to 5G so far. That plus upgraded specs may not be enough to convince folks to fork over another $1,500 if the Razr 5G costs as much as the original. Especially with the Galaxy Z Flip offering better performance at $100 less (and a successor supposedly on the way this fall).

As far as the rumors go, Motorola’s expected to unveil the follow-up to its Razr reboot sometime later this year, possibly at its virtual event on September 9. That is of course tentative, like everything is these days, given the whole pandemic situation going on.