Apples next entry-level iPad might look a lot like an iPad Pro – Engadget

Rumors have circulated of a larger entry-level iPad with thinner bezels, but it’s now clearer what that tablet might look like. The 91mobiles team has posted what it says are design schematics for the update to Apple’s more affordable iPad. If accurate, the new slate would effectively be a cut-down iPad Pro with similarly slim bezels and a boxier design. It would use Face ID instead of Touch ID, and a Smart Connector hints at possible Magic Keyboard support.

Like with earlier reports, the new iPad would reportedly revolve around a 10.8-inch screen. Apple would keep costs down by offering a single rear camera instead of the two (plus LiDAR) on the Pro. It would reportedly pack USB-C as well, although it’s not certain claims of dual speakers hold up. Apple has sometimes included two grilles at the bottom even if there’s only one speaker — this may be more for symmetry than functionality.