Here Are The 28 ‘Destiny 1’ Exotic Weapons Left To Be Re-Released In ‘Destiny 2’ – Forbes

There are frequently complaints that Destiny 2 is only just recycling old Destiny 1 content all the time, which includes bringing back old weapons. Well, they haven’t brought back as many as you think.

By my count, there are 28 weapons that Destiny 2 has yet to port over from Destiny 1, two of them being confirmed for Beyond Light, a few being triple stacks like the exotic sword trio. I am also not including Adept weapons in here.

Can you name them all? I bet you can’t, and I’m betting I forgot at least one here. But here’s the list and when and how and if I think they will be coming back.

Necrochasm – Now that the Destiny content vault exists, I think it’s clear we will get all old Destiny 1 raids reprised eventually. And when that happens, it seems like Necrochasm will be married to Crota’s End as it was before, whether that returns as a raid or possibly a dungeon instead.

Vex Mythoclast – The same goes for the Mythoclast, which fans have been hoping to see as a reward for some time now. We know the Vault of Glass is coming back this year, and with it, I think there is now a zero percent chance that Mythoclast does not come with it.

Khvostov 7G-0X – This is one of the most commonly requested exotics that people want to see in D2, especially with how the Traveler’s Chosen is the upgraded exotic version of our starting pistol this season. Would not be surprised to see this maybe put in the Cosmodrome once it returns.

Zhalo Supercell – A few weapons on this list sort of have alternate variants of themselves already in the game. Here, Riskrunner is pretty much the exact SMG version of Supercell, so it seems a bit redundant.

Fabian Strategy (Titan only) – Ace of Spades came back as a cross-class exotic, so this might too, albeit everyone complained about this being underpowered at the time. I rather liked it, and would love to see it return so I can pair it with War Rig.

The First Curse – Practically all of Destiny’s exotic hand cannons are iconic in some way but…The First Curse is kind of heavily ignored. I am not sure I have ever seen anyone requesting it’s return, so it’s probably a low priority.

Hawkmoon – We know Hawkmoon is returning in Beyond Light. I never got to use it when it was OP on PS4 because I was on Xbox back then. We know its signature luck-based perk is changing somehow, but we don’t know the specific yet.

Red Death – Like Supercell, another gun that has sort of been eclipsed by a new version of itself, this time with Crimson. I’d still like to see it return, however, maybe with a tweaked exotic perk (bleed damage, anyone?)

No Time to Explain – Another confirmed exotic for Beyond Light, one you actually get with a simple pre-order.

Tlaloc (Warlock Only) – Out of the three class specific exotics in Destiny 1, Tlaloc was the clear favorite, and I would love to see it return as an all-class weapon this time around, along with a scout rifle buff.

Boolean Gemini – I would put this in the “First Curse” category of non-iconic Destiny exotics that are a low priority to return.

Touch of Malice – If you don’t think we’re getting the Dreadnaught and King’s Fall back at some point (probably for The Witch Queen next fall), you’re crazy, so see you then.

Plan C – The entire point of this weapon was negated when they made Backup Plan just a normal fusion rifle perk that can be rolled, so I would not expect to see it again.

Invective – A shotgun that generates ammo is not exactly what the current PvP meta needs, though Ikora is probably mad her shotgun hasn’t shown up yet.

Universal Remote – I do miss this one, and would be curious to see it return, though not sure how high on the priority list it would be.

Pocket Infinity – Bungie has spoken many times about how Pocket Infinity kept breaking the game in a variety of ways, as it was essentially the Telesto of Destiny 1. Bungie would likely not want to bring it back and risk having two Telestos on their hands.

Zen Meteor – Ah yes, the PS4 exclusive sniper I literally never got. Did people like this? I have no idea.

Patience and Time – It’s a little bit iconic, but a priority to return? I’m not so sure. My guess is yes, someday, though perhaps without much fanfare.

Icebreaker – Oh god, here we go. Probably the most debated, requested exotic on this list is Icebreaker, the ammo-generating sniper which caused balancing nightmares for Bungie. It’s extremely iconic and yet bringing it back would raise a ton of questions. My guess is yes, someday, but not for a while, and probably changed somehow.

No Land Beyond – You loved it or you hated it, and the only place we can see it in Destiny 2 right now is in Devrim Kay’s hands. I would suspect this comes back eventually, as it’s too iconic not to.

Dreg’s Promise – We have Lord of Wolves and Queensbreaker so I say for the next Fallen themed expansion we should get Dreg’s Promise back. And hey look, that’s Beyond Light, what do you know.

The Trespasser – I barely ever used this. Man, there were really not a lot of exotic sidearms in Destiny 1 huh.

Nova Mortis/Abaddon/Nemesis Star – This trio remains a mystery to me. I never got them, and I’m not sure why? I think I dropped Destiny 1 pretty quickly after Rise of Iron and stayed away until Destiny 2, so maybe that’s why.

Raze-Lighter/Dark-Drinker/Bolt-Caster – Well, given that Season of Arrivals gave us legendary versions of Dark-Drinker and Bolt-Caster, my guess is we don’t see these return, and upcoming swords will be brand new.

Super Good Advice – Stuck in the “medium amounts of people care about it” category where I don’t think anyone is dying to see it return, but wouldn’t say no to giving it a shot. But using your exotic heavy slot? It better arrive with huge buffs.

The Young Wolf’s Howl – The exotic sword you got from the base Rise of Iron quest and one that was rarely used. I’d be surprised to see it come back.

Dragon’s Breath – This is one I thought would already have been brought back by now. It was always outclassed by the final weapon in this list, but seems like a candidate for a return, especially with a rocket launcher buff in tow.

Gjallarhorn – Of course Gjallarhorn will return someday, though Bungie will have to figure out how to balance it being the powerhouse it once was and that being because it was just flat-out broken for pretty much an entire year, and they just didn’t nerf it. Possibly the most iconic weapon in Destiny history, I wouldn’t complain if Gjally returned and was OP for a season or two like the old days.

So, what did I miss?

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