Musk Says It Will Be Possible For Owners To Telepathically Summon Their Tesla With Neuralink Implant – Benzinga

If it’s raining and you want your car to come to pick you up, Tesla Inc. (NASDAQ: TSLA) lets you do that. Owners can pull out their phones, press a button, and their car can drive itself to the owner’s location.

Tesla calls this Smart Summon, but in the future, Tesla owners may be able to ditch the phone, and “think” their car to themselves.

While giving a presentation for Neuralink, a brain implant research company, CEO Elon Musk answered a question from Twitter. The person asked if, with a Neuralink implant, a person would be able to summon their Tesla telepathically. Musk immediately answered yes, following up that it would be easy.

Neuralink has not yet been tested in humans, and the company is working closely with the FDA to establish first human trials.

Benzinga’s Take: While this sounds pretty wild, Musk has made and executed some bold promises before. When he talked about landing and reusing rockets with SpaceX, many doubted it was possible or feasible.

So while this isn’t something that’s expected to be available in the near future, it will be interesting to see how this progresses and how Neuralink will enhance the Tesla experience.

Photo courtesy of Tesla

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