Paper Mario Producer Says His Team Has “Almost Complete Control” Over Creative Direction – Nintendo Life

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Since the release of Paper Mario: The Origami King for the Nintendo Switch, producer Kensuke Tanabe has been doing the press rounds answering questions about the future of the series and clarifying how much control his team has when it comes to new entries in the Paper Mario series.

While he’s made it quite clear there have been certain restrictions in place since the release of Paper Mario: Sticker Star on the 3DS and previously touched on Shigeru Miyamoto’s requests – from Paper Mario: Color Splash onwards, the team has apparently had “almost complete control” over the creative direction.

Here’s exactly what he had to say in the same recent interview with Eurogamer Germany (once again translated by Nintendo Everything):

“Ever since Paper Mario: Color Splash, we have almost complete control over the creative direction of the game. Mr. Miyamoto checked in on development once or twice, but there were no specific requests to make changes. However, all character designs have to pass a check by our IP team, which is pretty strict. Nonetheless, we were allowed to change the outfits of some Toads in this game.”

Although Miyamoto is no longer really involved, Tanabe adopted his philosophy to develop “innovative and unique” gameplay systems, and this remains his own focus moving forward with the series.

Director Masahiko Nagaya also reinforced the fact the Paper Mario development team had “complete creative control over the crucial elements of the game” but still has to operate under “strict guidelines” when it comes to character designs:

“It’s a challenge to emphasize the unique aspects of the game while still adhering to the guidelines.”

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