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Alright, no more waiting, no more guessing, now you can see how the Avengers game is for yourself with its official release today.

I’ve been playing the game since Monday, and have put a truly absurd amount of time in this week. I know some people have individual heroes higher than me, and yet I have spread my time around between all of them, and have maybe, 40-50 hours into the game already. So I am ready to dole out some advice.

Here are ten things I wish I knew when I started the Avengers game.

1. Don’t bother with a “build” during the campaign

While I know this is a looter, you are going to cause more headaches for yourself than it’s worth if you really go hard trying to make a true “build” during the campaign, because you will be replacing your loot so often, there’s really no point in doing so. Hell, even in the early endgame here it’s hard to craft true builds based around loot, and that’s probably going to be more of a “max power” thing as it is in most games like this. Replace gear when it makes your percentages go up, and pick a few you want to focus on, but there’s no point trying to align all your perks this early, so don’t worry about it.

2. Level 15 is when characters really open up

While it takes a long, long time for gear starting to really feel like it matters, that isn’t the case with skills. Level 15 is when you should have effectively full access to any skill you want to upgrade across any of the three trees, and I would definitely recommend focusing on some of the later two specialization trees, as that’s when things really start to feel gamechanging. They give you bonuses to your basic skills and intrinsic energy ability, or to your heroic abilities. If you are finding yourself drawn to specific gameplay styles or powers, make sure to invest in these trees as soon as you can once you hit 15, as it will really change the game.

3. Don’t stress about skill points too much

This is not an RPG where you can only go down certain trees and if you put a skill point in the wrong place you will have to pay for a costly respec or restart your character grind all over again. Rather, the max level in the game is 50, and when you hit 50, you will be able to put a point in absolutely everything on the board. It’s just a matter of what order you do so, and as I said above, just do them so they help aid your favorite playstyle along the way. For the “choose one of three” trees, you can switch those any time.

4. Explore every map as much as you can

The key to racking up enough resources and gear to constantly feed six characters is to make sure you’re not just rushing straight through to mission objectives, but you’re stopping to smell the roses in any given map. I always make a point of visiting every question mark I see, solving every door puzzle for loot or resources, to enable me to constantly have a solid supply of upgrade materials for my characters and a steady stream of loot. Also explore areas with no question marks, as sometimes you can stumble across secret SHIELD vaults that way.

5. Reset checkpoints if you’ve died before fresh encounters

Avengers has a “three strikes and you’re out” system when playing with AI, where if you go down three times you will wipe. But it carries across an entire mission, so if you say, play through to a boss and have died two times already before then, you will only have one life left at that boss. If you pause the game, you can simply hit “reset checkpoint” and that will get you all your lives back so you don’t have to worry about getting the boss to 10% health and dying once to lose it all. This is not a terribly good system if you ask me, but it is what it is.

6. The key to making Hulk actually good

I have seen a lot of complaints that Hulk is the worst hero of the bunch, but the more I play with him, the more he’s become a favorite. The key to making Hulk good is to focus on upgrades for his Rage meter. You build Rage through attacking and taking damage, and it allows him to lifesteal whenever it’s active. If you focus mainly on upgrading Rage through its various trees, you will be much stronger than if you’re just putting points into different combos or ranged upgrades. In general, focus on defense and melee for him, and he’ll be destroying things in no time. He’s essentially the only character I can beat Abomination Villain Sectors with because of his lifesteal powering through Gamma poison.

7. How to travel back to your bases

Due to the game’s confusing UI, you will find yourself back on your ship only when you start the game, but after a mission, there’s no option to just go back to either your base, or the second base you unlock in the campaign, which you need to go to get bounties and other things every day. On the world map, there will be a “travel to outpost” button on the bottom of the area that the base is in, the Chimera and the Utah Badlands, and that’s how you specifically navigate there. It took me way too long to figure this out.

8. Don’t forget about minor artifacts

Minor artifacts do not drop from enemies or as end of mission rewards from most activities, so it’s easy to forget about them (they do show up on occasion in chests). As such, it’s easy to start overleveling your current artifacts and leave them behind without realizing they are dragging down your power score. The way to guarantee yourself a new artifact is to do a Drop Zone, a one-room, super fast mission that will always give you one around your current power level.

9. The best XP grind in the game (so far)

For my money, it’s more important to grind XP than gear early on to really open up your characters. A little while into the endgame, you will access Hives, which are multi-floor activities that require you to beat different rooms. These have been giving me 4-5 character levels per run, and they’re very fast because there’s no downtime in between fights at all. You get XP from killing enemies and XP from clearing each floor. There’s really nothing better for XP in the game from what I’ve seen.

10. How to max power as fast as possible

Power is a little trickier, and something I am still learning myself. I have been saving my materials short of legendaries for later, and yet your current power drops are based on your current power level. So in theory, you really do want to be investing in upgrading your gear in order to get higher drops sooner. This may cause you to run out of materials, but that’s what grinding is for. The best way to increase your power level is probably to focus all your time and materials on a single character, which is how we’re already seeing characters well over 100 power just a few days into launch here. Splitting time between all six, I just hit 70 on Thor as my highest. It slows you down, though I do enjoy switching, and I suppose there’s no real rush.

Enjoy. Let me know what you think,

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