Modded Team Fortress 2 Bots Are Designed To Hunt Cheaters – Kotaku

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Image: Team Fortress 2

Team Fortress 2 has a problem with bots, but not all of its bots are there for cheating. Some have been programmed to hunt down the cheaters.

Apparently this has been a thing in the TF2 community for a little while now, but it’s only after this Tweet that the wider world got some insight into how it’s all been happening:

Among other attempts, it’s the Bot Extermination Service that’s getting the most attention, with the creation of a bot that’s able to recognise which players are humans and which are cheat bots in a round, and only target the bots:

As Eurogamer point out, this isn’t a perfect solution for the bot problem, since the spots being taken up by these “good” bots are taking up space on a server that could be used by a human player, and that in turn creates a scenario where games can potentially be full of bots chasing other bots instead of people playing the game.

But hey, it’s something, and it’s a pretty ingenious something at that.