Tony Hawks Pro Skater 1 + 2: All Gaps Locations in THPS 1 Tour – Push Square

Ditchin Class 250 There are two arched bridges over a wide ditch. Next to each bridge is a short kicker ramp. Jump from one of these ramps to the other side Dumpster Rail Gap 250 Outside the gym are two rails held up by some dumpsters. Grind up one rail, ollie to the other, and grind it as well Funbox To Table Transfer 500 Near the ditch is a climbing wall with a table and funbox next to it. Jump from the funbox and grind the table Garbage Ollie 50 Around the back of the gym is a single dumpster. Simply ollie over it Gimme Gap 50 From the starting position, ramp off the canopy and grind the planter below Hall Pass Gap 1,000 From where you start, turn around and find the winding path down to the pools area. You’ll see a rail going above this path. Grind it, jump at the end, and grind the ledge below All-Access Gap 500 Grind the blue rail from the top of the stairs all the way down Huge Rail 1,000 Cross the bridge to the large pink building. You need to grind the top of the entire quarter pipe that wraps around this building Kicker Gap 100 There are two large kicker ramps opposite each other. Ollie from one to the other Long Ass Rail 2,500 From the top of the winding path that leads down from the gym, grind the right-hand edge all the way down Mini Gap 250 There are two quarter pipes with a tiny gap between them. Jump from one quarter pipe to the other Over a Footbridge 1,000 Go into the ditch with the two bridges above it. Use the slopes to launch yourself over one of the bridges Over the Air Conditioner 750 Get up onto the roof of the gym. There’s a large square air conditioner with a ramp next to it. Jump off this ramp and clear the air conditioner. You’ll need a lot of air to pull this off Park Gap 500 Opposite the above mentioned Mini Gap, on the other side of the climbing wall, are two other quarter pipes separated by some doors. Jump from one side to the other Planter Gap 100 Outside the gym, grind one planter, then ollie to another and grind it Playground Rail 500 From the funbox next to the climbing wall, ollie up to the wall and grind its length Rail To Rail Transfer 750 On the slop leading down from the gym, start a grind on the rail or the side, then ollie and continue to grind on the other Roof To Awning Gap 750 From atop the air conditioner on the gym roof, you’ll see a pipe leading down to a green awning. Instead of grinding the pipe, jump from the air conditioner to the awning Roof To Roof Gap 500 From the gym roof, you’ll be able to see a nearby tall building. Ollie off of the quarter pipe and across to this lower roof Funbox To Rail Transfer 250 From the funbox next to the climbing wall, jump to the quarter pipe and grind it Downhill Manual 1,000 Hold a manual all the way down the winding path down from the gym to the main courtyard Across The Gym 100 Go inside the gym and head to one side. Perform a manual over to the other side Roof Hop 100 There’s an area with two quarter pipes opposite each other near the bridges, with a low building to one side. Use the quarter pipe to get on top of this building’s roof Down The Awning 100 Get to the gym roof. Jump down onto the green awning or grind the pipe down. Manual all the way to the end of the awning Perfectly Balanced 500 Grind the balance beam in the gym Gigantic Rail 2,000 Grind the colourful quarter pipe that leads to the pool the entire way Ridiculous Rail 2,500 From starting position, drop down and turn around. Find the winding path that leads down to the pool. You need to grind the left-hand ledge all the way from where it starts at the wall, and all the way down to the pool