The Google Pixel 5 leaks online (again), but under the “Pixel 5s” name – XDA Developers

Shortly after the Pixel 4a launch early last month, Google dropped a teaser for the upcoming Pixel 4a 5G and Pixel 5. The teaser gave us a glimpse of both devices and confirmed a fall launch. Leaks about the devices followed soon thereafter, and we got our first look at the Google Pixel 5. Its specifications were revealed in a leak on the same day, and a couple of days later, live images of both the devices were shared on Reddit. Now, another leaked image of the Pixel 5 has surfaced online, but this time under the “Pixel 5s” moniker.

The leaked image in question was shared by Jose Antonio Ponton (@japanton) on Twitter, and it shows a prototype Pixel device. While the device looks like the one we’ve seen in previous Pixel 5 leaks, the About phone section identifies it as the Pixel 5s. Our Editor-in-Chief, Mishaal Rahman, managed to identify the device as a Pixel 5 variant (model name GD1YQ) using the barcode on the back panel.

The model name GD1YQ has been previously spotted in an FCC listing for the Pixel 5, which revealed that the model names GD1YQ and G6QU3 support mmWave (on bands n260 and n261). The listing also reveals that there are two other Pixel 5 variants (model names GTT9Q and G5NZ6), but they don’t support mmWave. This leads us to believe that Google might launch two variants of the Pixel 5 this fall, one with mmWave support (Pixel 5s) and one without (Pixel 5).

In case you’re wondering why the leaked Pixel 5s image features an odd Google logo, it’s because the device is a prototype and not a retail product. This can be confirmed by the “R3 EVT” text on the sticker, where R3 likely means “redfin,” and EVT refers to Engineering Validation Test — a step in the hardware manufacturing cycle in which engineers are given a prototype to test and validate the hardware.

Interestingly, this isn’t the first time we’re hearing about the Google Pixel 5s. The Pixel 5s moniker was first spotted last month as the name for an upcoming Pixel device codenamed “redfin.”