Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella Brings In Master Chief To Help Throw The First Pitch At Mariners Game – GameSpot

Baseball season in the US has resumed amid COVID-19 restrictions with a few changes, one of which is the new virtual first pitch–a filmed segment in which a guest or celebrity makes the traditional first pitch without actually attending the game. The Seattle Mariners got Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, to make the first pitch for a game–and he brought some guests along.

In the video below, Nadella, who is pitching to former Mariners player Dave Valle, calls in Halo’s Master Chief and several other Spartans to…hand him the ball.

Master Chief does not make a throw himself, which seems like a bit of a wasted opportunity, and the music is all wrong, but it’s good to see the costumes getting used, at least.

It’s possible that the Chief is too busy getting ready for Halo Infinite, which has been delayed into 2021, to practice his pitching. Poor throwing skills would explain why so many of our plasma grenade throws in The Master Chief Collection go amiss, at least.

The Seattle Mariners has a long history with video game companies. Between 1992 and 2016, Nintendo of America was the majority shareholder of the team, meaning that Nintendo effectively owned it. The company would eventually sell most of its shares, but has maintained 10% ownership.

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