2021 Toyota Supra Drag Races Lexus LC500, Sibling Rivalry Gets Violent – autoevolution

We don’t get it; why drag race a Lexus LC500 against a Toyota Supra? The V8-powered car is always going to win. Wait, what, it lost?!

Some of you like to point out that drag races are unnecessary, especially when they’re between cars at different price points or from different segments. Pointing out flaws is an internet pastime, so we’ll do the job for you in this story.

To some people, the Lexus LC500 is the coolest sports car in the world, powered by a naturally aspirated 5.0-liter and filled with the best luxury leather. It’s like an Aston Martin with an ugly grille and good reliability ratings. The same people who like only luxury cars probably find the Toyota Supra seriously uncool. But we’re fans of both and find drag races entertaining. That’s obvious since we featured this one by the Throttle House YouTube channel.

But while the LC500 is indeed a true sports car and a GT, the Toyota Supra just got really good at drag racing. Even though people don’t take its stock performance seriously, this car puts down some killer quarter-mile times, and this particular model happens to be the 2021 version with more power.

Thanks to a quad-cam, four-valve 5-liter, the LC500 makes all of 471 horsepower and 398 lb-ft at 4,800rpm. It’s very impressive for a car that lost a race to a glorified BMW. The Supra’s latest spec has it making 382 hp and 368 pound-feet of torque. At about $51,000, it’s also half the price.

Launch control secures an easy first victory for the Supra. But even without it, the Lexus doesn’t stand a chance. The Lexus does do slightly better in the rolling race but eventually loses that too.

We feel like the LC500 is one of those rare cars that deserve a break. It’s an event and a statement without being filed with the necessary technology for drag racing. That said, if they can just approve another the LC F with that rumored twin-turbo we’ll be really happy.