Epic Games Stores New Free Game Is Now Available to Download – ComicBook.com

The Epic Games Store has added this week’s new free game: Pikuniku from Devolver Digital and Sectordub! The puzzle-exploration game is normally price at $12.99, but can be snagged for free from the Epic Games Store for a limited time. For those that might not have the time for a new game right now, Pikuniku can be played at any time for free once it has been claimed on the Store. The game can be enjoyed both in single-player mode, and in multiplayer co-op, as well. Specifications for Pikuniku on Mac and PC can be found in the link in the Tweet below.

Described as “a delightful dystopian adventure,” Pikuniku is a title in which players explore a vibrant, 2D world full of characters that need helping. Players control Piku (and Niku in co-op) as they attempt to defeat Mr. Sunshine. Those looking for a platformer with a strong amount of challenge will likely want to look elsewhere, but for those in the mood for a relaxing experience, it could be a nice fit. The adventure seems pretty upbeat, and it could be the perfect game for players to enjoy solo, or with a friend.

The Epic Games Store features free games on a weekly basis. Last week, users were given the opportunity to pick-up RollerCoaster Tycoon 3: Complete Edition. Given all of the games available on the store, these freebies give players an excellent opportunity to check out titles they might not have otherwise! Pikuniku might not be a household name, but the game could find a much bigger audience over the next week. According to the publisher, the game features about four to five hours of content, in total. That isn’t too unusual for an indie game, and it’s not a bad length for one that happens to be free!

Pikuniku will be available for free on the Epic Games Store through October 8th. The game is also available on Steam, GOG, and Nintendo Switch.

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