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It’s time. I have played roughly ten thousands hours of Genshin Impact since launch (at least that’s what it feels like), and I am ready to dole out some advice for new players and those I have convinced to join me on this free-to-play gacha journey.

I won’t spend any more time trying to convince you this game is good and worth trying out, but rather I’m going to move on to assuming I have already made the sale and you’re in the game. So, as you begin, here are ten things I wish I knew when I started Genshin Impact.

1. Check Your Email (In-Game)

By far, this is the most important thing you should be doing when you log in. Genshin Impact, having just launched, will give you a huge amount of free currency that you can use to make gacha “pulls” for new characters and loot from moment one. I did not pre-register, I did not play the alpha or anything like that, and yet I probably got at least something like 20-30 pulls for free due to all the bonuses I found in my email tab in the game menu.

2. Check The Events Tab

Also buried in the menu is the Events tab, something that will give you both daily login bonuses that are free and useful, but also bonuses for “trying out” different characters, where you will get to play a stage as one of the characters you can pull to see how they play, and you’ll get some prizes just for completing a simple intro stage.

3. Fountains Will Heal Your Entire Team For Free

This is sort of Genshin 101, but I can see a lot of people struggling to understand this for a while. In battle, your team will get hurt and you will not naturally heal over time. Before you start eating all the food in your inventory, fast traveling to any Statue of the Seven, and then standing close to that statue, will heal your entire team in a few seconds. If it doesn’t work, you can go into the statue manually and heal that way.

4. Dailies Are Your Greatest Source Of Adventure Rank Progression

Eventually you will start to run into what I’ll call the Adventure Rank Wall. Certain story quests are gated behind your Adventure Rank, sort of your overall game level. Main story quests and side quests give the most Adventure XP, but you will run out of those eventually, or be gated from finding more. You can get 10-30 XP per chest you open, and I do recommend doing that, but every day you log in the Adventure Guild will give you 4 very, very easy quests to complete on the map which will give you a huge amount of Adventure XP for each, plus a bonus for doing all four. So log in every day at the very least to do those, which should take you no more than maybe 10 minutes, even if you don’t have time to do anything else at the moment.

5. Don’t Forget To Use Fragile Resin

Fragile Resin is a currency that will allow you to increase your Resin energy when it depletes. You need Resin energy to re-run old dungeons or fight world bosses and collect rewards. This is how you can farm XP, currency and upgrade materials regularly, and if you get through a bunch of Adventure Ranks, you will get Fragile Resin, which will award you a half refill of your energy instantly. Don’t forget to use these when you’re running low.

6. There Are Benefits To Multiple Elements On A Team

Given the combination of different elements, you will rightly diversify your team to have one of each element for a while. But as you play more, you will find in certain situations that there are innate bonuses to having more than one type of element on your team. If you go to the “Elemental resonance” tab in the party screen, you will see those bonuses, which include some very good ones like everyone getting 25% attack damage bonuses for having two fire people on your team.

7. You Can Save Pre-Made Team Loadouts

While we’re in the party screen, you can also save four premade team loadouts that you can switch between quickly, rather than subbing different characters in and out manually. You may not have enough characters to employ this right away, but trust me, you probably will soon enough.

8. Explore The Map Even Before You Have Quests Anywhere

Those vast, black areas can look scary, but I would definitely recommend opening up the entire map as soon as possible, as it will help you get to various quests in the future, even if you haven’t unlocked them yet. I really did not run into truly “impossible” enemies anywhere while doing this, nor obstacles that required certain skills or characters I didn’t have. Go to the fountain, unlock the vision for the zone, then go unlock all the teleport points you see (all of this gives you a ton of Adventure XP too).

9. You Might Want To Spend Your Primogems On Resin, Not Gacha Pulls

Through the course of the game and from free rewards, you will end up getting a ton of Primogems. The obvious thing to do with these is to spend them on gacha pulls as you try to get new characters. While this is fun for a while, once you have a decent roster, technically, the best way to make actual game progress would be to spend those Primogems on Resin refills (one energy per Primogem) in order to farm Adventure XP and Ascension materials or gold. You can beat pretty much everything with the default four characters if you have to, but Resin is hard time limited until you spend Primogems to refill it to make progress in the story faster.

10. How To Upgrade Your Main Characters’ Skills

You unlock different tiers of talents for your main character in a different way than other characters (finding gacha dupes of them). Rather, at the jewelry stores in each main city, you can spend a currency you get from chests in that region to unlock the upgrade material for both your wind and earth powers, which is something that it took me far too long to realize, as I thought it only came through story progression or adventure rank.

I could probably do another 20 things, but we’ll stop at ten for today. Hope this helped.

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