The Galaxy A71s successor may notch a Samsung phone camera first, here are all the specs – PhoneArena

Remember when we marveled at the hexa-camera
Galaxy S10 5G? Well, it was actually a quad camera kit on the back and the dual front-facing camera set, so, technically, Samsung has only maxed out at four rear cameras so far, and one of those was a ToF sensor that can’t technically be called a usable camera you can take pictures with.

Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, on the other hand, has “only” three rear cameras, while the quad camera tradition Samsung continued with phones like the
Galaxy S20+ (which again has a ToF sensor) and the
Galaxy A71, whose 5MP “depth” and “macro” cameras round up a rather pointless trend towards increasing the sensor count for marketing purposes. That pointlessness, however, is about to change, perhaps as soon as December.

Galaxy A72 may be released as Samsung’s first penta-camera phone

According to Korean media reports, the successor to what proved to be a very popular
Galaxy A71
will be called A72, and it will carry a Samsung first in the form of a penta-camera set on the back.

Here’s a list of the Samsung Galaxy A72 camera specs to expect:

  • A 64MP main sensor
  • A 12MP ultrawide lens camera
  • An 8MP camera with 3x zoom lens
  • A 5MP macro camera
  • A 5MP dedicated ‘bokeh’ sensor

What will the difference be between the current 5MP “depth” and the eventual 5MP “bokeh” sensors, remains to be heard but the report is claiming that the Galaxy A72 will use the bokeh one specifically for portraits, to separate the fine details of a subject front and center (i.e. the hair) from the blurred background better.

We are all for going all in, Samsung, and those of you who stopped short of buying the Galaxy A71 because it didn’t have optical zoom, will now be given the chance to grab its successor that will have the kitchen sink of camera options.