Some People Receiving Various Different Items Instead of the PS5 They Paid For – Push Square

It wouldn’t be launch day without a few disasters along the way, and while many fans are still waiting for their spangly new PlayStation 5 to be delivered, others have received packages with the wrong product inside. ResetEra user Kyonashi was the first to report this, receiving a resealed box from Amazon UK stuffed with cat food. And they’re not alone.

Another user on Twitter received a foot massager in place of the next-gen console they’d paid for:

While another wanted to document the moment they unpackaged their new system, only to find an air fryer inside:

Even someone on our team, Ant Dickens, has fallen victim to this issue. Instead of a PS5, his parcel contained a Nerf gun:

This appears to be a pretty widespread issue, and seemingly, is only affecting Amazon UK orders. In all cases we’ve seen, the boxes don’t have that Amazon branded tape, and have been resealed with clear tape. We’ve reached out to Sony and are in contact with Amazon to try and get to the bottom of the issue.

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