What Will Change In-Game After Destiny 2’s World First Raid Race Today? – Forbes

So, the race for world’s first in Destiny 2’s Deep Stone Crypt begins later today. It’s going to be a bit complicated, with aspects of the raid leaking out beforehand, and Bungie saying they’re going to take longer to verify who wins due to potential cheating on PC, but it’s always an exciting time all the same.

And even if you’re not participating, I would plan to log into Destiny whenever the raid is cleared.

I believe we are heading toward a “Dreaming City Curse” situation with the Deep Stone Crypt raid here. I think Bungie recognized that people enjoyed seeing more content added and the world transform when the Last Wish raid was cleared, and while what happens today may not be that extensive, I do think something is coming.

Namely, already listed in the game in the triumphs section is something called the Europa Eclipse Zone. This could be an entirely new zone unlocked by the raid, or it might be a modifier to the existing map, similar to what the curse did to the Dreaming City. Right now there are three achievements tied to this:

  • In the Europa Eclipsed Zone, rapidly defeat combatants of four or more
  • In the Europa Eclipsed Zone, defeat combatants with finishers
  • In the Europa Eclipsed Zone, defeat combatants with your Stasis subclass equipped.

That last one gives you an emblem that looks, at the very least, Deep Stone Crypt-adjacent.

So yes, I believe whatever the Europa Eclipsed Zone is, it will launch after the raid is cleared, or at the very least by next reset. There’s also something else in achievements called “Exo Challenges” that are not live yet, but I don’t know if that’s tied to the raid.

There are other theories about what may be coming, like new steps in the Born in Darkness quest or Variks’ Sabotage quest. There’s an idea that the next Aspect for Stasis subclasses could be given in a raid encounter like the Seed of Light before it.

And there is a hope that beating the raid may unlock more meaty content like with Last Wish. I do not believe Bungie is hiding a secret strike behind the raid like The Corrupted. I could, however, see them releasing a new Crucible or Gambit map based on Europa or the Crypt, as it’s very weird to get a full new zone and have no new maps for either.

I do not expect the Deep Stone Crypt to take 24 hours to clear like Last Wish. With contest modifier capping the difficulty and all teams essentially being exactly where they need to be power and loadout-wise with so much time to prepare, I would be amazed if it wasn’t finished by late this afternoon or this evening. Meaning whatever may happen in-game, we should be able to experience it today.

I will be watching, not participating, so I can chronicle world’s first and jump immediately into whatever happens after. I will admit I will be a little bummed if I’m wrong and nothing happens, but I’m going to keep the faith for now. Best of luck to all the teams, and I can’t wait to see what Bungie has in store.

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