‘Destiny 2’ Deep Stone Crypt Raid Cleared, Unlocking Multiple New Quests For Beyond Light – Forbes

Okay, man, hard to even keep track of what’s going on here. It took about six hours, but the Destiny 2 Deep Stone Crypt raid has finally been cleared. I believe I was watching world’s first when it happened, Clawtivity and his team, though Bungie says it will likely not be until Monday when they can announce it officially to make sure everything was legit.

The raid took us down into the depths of Europa then, surprisingly, all the way up to a huge space station.

And then…back down again as the space station crashed to Europa and the final battle took place against a revived, Shank-ified version of Taniks, a rather odd final boss, but a hell of a raid conceptually all-around, one of the better ones I’ve seen from Destiny.

There will be plenty of time to go through that later, but first we need to talk about all the stuff that just got triggered.

There is a new cutscene when you go to Europa that occurs at the end of the raid. It’s not much, but it’s interesting and implies a lot of new mysteries to come.

We have a new quest from Variks, which is an actual mission I have not done yet, but am about to.

We have a new quest from the Exo Stranger where we have to kill things in new “Eclipsed Zones.” This is a modified version of a current zone where debris is falling. I’m not sure what else is different but right now my map is showing me that Eventide Ruins is the zone. Not sure if this rotates daily. The reward for this current quest is a new Europa sidearm.

Finally, we have the exotic quest for The Lament, the chainsaw sword, from Banshee-44 which has just started. I had this ruined for me but let me just say it contains some wild lore. I am not sure how many steps there are for the quest itself.

So, in short, there are at least three new questlines to pursue as we speak, all triggered by the end of the raid. I do not know if anything else like a new Crucible map got unlocked, but I haven’t heard anything like that yet. But it’s still minutes after clearing, so who knows. This is very Last Wish-esque with big changes coming after the raid, and I am loving all the new stuff to do.

You can keep watching your favorite players try to beat the raid themselves or you can head to the game and do a lot of this new stuff for yourself and see what comes of it. I’ll see what I can get done tonight and report back with some updates later on. Stay tuned.

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