New PS5 system update “improves system performance” – GamesRadar+

A PS5 system update has just landed, bringing system improvements according to a brief blurb.

The update, listed as Version 20.02-02.26.00, only comes in at around 850mb, so it’s not a huge update, but is likely to address some of the teething issues the console has had recently. These include the PS5 download queue bug, which Sony has recently offered a workaround for which doesn’t involve restoring your PS5 to its factory settings, as well as the coil whine sound some users are reporting from their console. 

While it’s not apparent which issues this update is targeting at the moment, it should at least help with some of the more obvious teething issues Sony’s console has been facing. In fact, this isn’t the first PS5 update Sony has launched since the console’s release on November 12 in the US. Another patch, the PS5 day one update, that came through recently also promised system improvements.

Not that these issues have stunted Sony’s console launch momentum. One report has claimed that 2.1 and 2.5 million consoles have already been sold, while Jim Ryan has claimed that “absolutely everything has been sold“. The demand for both next-gen consoles is currently sky high, with Xbox also reporting that they have had their biggest UK launch with Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.  

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