Watch: The Monster Hunter Rise Digital Event, Live! – Nintendo Life

The moment monster-hunting fans have been waiting is here – a demo for Capcom’s Monster Hunter Rise will be available later today.

This sample of the upcoming Switch exclusive also includes local and online co-op play – allowing you to team up with your friends. All up, there are four different quest types. A beginner quest, an intermediate quest, a basic training quest and a Wyvern riding training quest – with all 14 weapon types playable.

Here’s a brief rundown about the beginner and intermediate quests, which are both co-op enabled:

“For this demo, you’ll get to explore the Shine Ruins. This is a great locale for learning about Wirebug and the new stat-boosting endemic life featured in this game.”

“The beginner quest features Great Izuchi, while the intermediate quest has you take on Mizutsune.”

“you’ll be able to take a Palamute and/or Palico with you, so you can experience riding a Canyne and receiving various kinds of support from your buddies.”

Of course, to team up with others over the internet, you’ll need to have access to a Nintendo Switch Online membership. Keep in mind, this demo will only be available for a “limited-time” until 1st February – so enjoy it while you can.

The full version of Monster Hunter Rise will launch on the Switch on 26th March this year.