Motorolas latest batch of budget phones includes a cheap 5G model – Engadget

Meanwhile, the 2021 Moto G Power largely picks up where the G Play leaves off, but oddly, you shouldn’t expect a big difference in battery life between the two. While older entrants in Motorola’s G Power line had notably larger batteries than a given year’s other Moto Gs, this new one packs the same 5,000mAh cell as the $180 model. So how does Motorola justify the additional cost? With a smattering of improved components. The $199 base model comes with a Snapdragon 662 chipset with 3GB and 32GB of storage, while a $50 premium nets you 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage. Apart from that, both models are identical, from their 6.6-inch 1600×720 screens to their 48-megapixel main cameras and 2-megapixel depth and macro cameras.

As always, Motorola seems to have the lower and mid-tiers of the market well covered, but we may not be looking at business as usual. Companies that are arguably best known for their high-end devices, like OnePlus and Samsung, are shifting their sights downmarket in search of sustained growth. For the last few years, Motorola has managed to claw its way to profitability on the backs of low-cost smartphones, but all signs point to much tougher competition as we head into 2021.