PS5 Restock Update for Walmart, Target, Best Buy and More – Newsweek

Sony’s PlayStation 5 is still one of the most hotly sought-after consoles on the market but players are having a hard time getting their hands on them amid huge demand.

Twitter accounts have emerged that are dedicated to monitoring PlayStation 5 availability. Though sometimes sharing unsubstantiated rumors, they also provide useful information when consoles are restocked in stores and online.

Here is the latest from some of the major retailers.

Target PS5 restock

PS5s were out of stock on Target’s website early on January 9 but accessories like the DualSense Wireless Controller were available for purchase. This has been a recent pattern for the retailer.

Several Twitter accounts monitor Target for updates on PS5 stock, including Target Restock Alerts and YtNextGenGaming. Neither were reporting PS5s at Target on Friday.

Walmart PS5 restock

Walmart’s website was out of stock of PS5s early on Saturday. Attempting to buy either version of the console returned an error page with the message: “Oops! This item is unavailable or on backorder.”

However, other items related to the PS5, including the DualSense Wireless Controller and Media Remote were available for purchase. It is worth noting that the DualSense charging station was also out of stock at the time of writing.

Best Buy PS5 restock

Best Buy offers a few different PS5 bundles but they were sold out of the consoles on Saturday morning. When they have stock, customers need to order online for curbside pickup. The consoles cannot be purchased in store.

Amazon PS5 restock

The PlayStation 5 was unavailable on Amazon early on Saturday with no indication of when the consoles would be restocked. Amazon‘s website noted: “We don’t know when or if this item will be back in stock.”

@CoolDealCA is a Twitter account that gives regular updates on the products available on Amazon, including PS5s and accessories for the console, such as controllers.

eBay PS5 restock

PS5s are still available for purchases on eBay. This has been the case for some time as those who were lucky enough to snap up consoles are seeking to resell them at a profit.

Prices are considerably higher than main street retailers, however, with some eBay sellers asking as much as $1,100 at the time of writing. Online stock tracker notes that eBay is currently the only place you can get the console.

When will the PS5 restock?

Sony is expected to ship 18 million PlayStation 5 consoles in 2021, according to report from Digitimes. This represents five times the number that were released in the first month of sales. Around 10 million are due on the market by March of this year, which should give some hope to would-be gamers.

Sony's PlayStation 5 Logo

Sony’s PlayStation 5 logo is seen at an electronics store in Tokyo on November 10, 2020, ahead of the gaming console’s release scheduled for November 12. The consoles are still very difficult to find.