Hisenses 2021 laser projection TVs promise better colors than OLED or quantum dot – CNET


The 100-inch TriChroma Laser TV.

Hisense/Screenshot by Sarah Tew/CNET

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TV manufacturer Hisense has announced a new range of laser projection TVs at CES that the company claims boasts better color performance than any other screen technology.

Hisense says its new TriChroma Laser TV is the only display that meets the BT2020 color standard. BT2020 has been a goal of TV manufacturers for many years and is a key feature of NextGen TV (ATSC 3.0), the broadcast 4K standard. The Chinese company claims the technology offers 50% better color than “high-end cinema” and has a brightness of 430 nits, which is high for a projector. Typically, high-end LCD TVs max out at about 1,000 nits.

During the first CES press conference of 2021, Hisense showed off a limited edition 100-inch model, the 100L9 Pro. This TV featured a projection unit in black and rose gold, with pop-up speakers and a front-mounted, full-color display. It has a 100-inch screen.


The Hisense Self Raising TV


The company is also “exhibiting” two other models at the all-virtual show — a 75-inch TriChroma Laser TV and a Self-Rising Screen Laser TV. The Self-Rising Laser TV includes a screen that is “able to roll and also maintain peak optical performance,” the company promises.

Hisense currently sells laser TVs in the US, but the availability and pricing of its 2021 range is yet to be announced.